About us

Inducont SIA was founded in 2004 in Riga, Latvia. The company's office is located in Ritausmas street 11b, Riga. The company's founder and CEO is Maris Dižgalvis. Since 2008, the company has a branch office in Tallinn, Estonia.

INDUCONT frequently takes part in industrial technology exhibitions and fairs.

Our focus and activities

Our business is focused on industrial companies, municipalities and other legal entities. We supply and install equipment in dairies, breweries, water and wastewater treatment facilities, as well as in steam and condensate collection systems. We offer automatic monitoring systems in sewage pumping stations or artesian wells, including systems with GSM or GPRS modem that inform users about emergency situations.

Our company offers a full range of services - from design stage to equipment installation, comissioning and service. We evaluate the existing process and its efficiency, including evaluation of the energy consumption levels, and develop economically and technically viable solutions, which improve the technical performance of the overall system, while additionally providing tangible energy savings in the longrun.

Experience shows that services we provide to our clients, are sought and necessary, however, not sufficiently supplied within our region. INDUCONT is trying to meet the demand with the highest quality of equipment, and engineering solutions.

INDUCONT SIA company is the representative of a number of worldwide well-recognized companies, such as Danfoss, Krohne, Nordic Water, AVK International, Valsteam ADCA, Kinetico, Diehl Metering, etc. The company's portfolio consists of equipment and technological solutions which until now have not been readily available in the Baltic region. Examples are the specific equipment for the installation in wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, industrial control components, frequency converters, industrial magnets and metal detectors.