Products from SIHI

For more than 80 years SIHI has designed and manufactured liquid pumps, vacuum pumps and complete engineered systems for many applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, power, water and waste water, food and beverage, rubber and plastic, steel, pulp and paper and machinery manufacturer industries.

Company produce:

  • Liquid Pumps - SIHI chemical process pumps, industrial pumps, side channel pumps, heat transfer pumps, high pressure pumps, sealless pumps and sludge mixers.
  • Vacuum Pumps - SIHI liquid-ring vacuum pumps, liquid-ring-compressors, dry running vacuum pumps and gas ejectors.
  • Engireered Systems - SIHI vacuum systems, compressor systems, membrane systems, hygienic systems and liquid pump systems.

Industrial Pumps

For over 80 years SIHI has been a leading manufacturer of innovative technologies for chemical process pumps, industrial standard pumps, heat transfer pumps, side channel pumps, high pressure pumps, sealless pumps, hygienic pumps and sludge mixers.


Side Channel Pumps

The process industry demands a high level of operational safety for its equipment and Sterling SIHI fully meet these standards, by offering an extensive range of materials for the highly efficient side channel pump range.


Sludge Mixers

SIHI offers vertical single-stage and two-stage Sterling Halberg mixers with special screw-type impellers and a deflector disk mounted on the shaft.